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I work in the International Study and Language Institute at the University of Reading. In January 2015 I moved from my previous post as Programme Director for the academic-year Pre-sessional courses to a newly-created post as Director of TEL Projects. My role is partly to manage a range of TEL projects across and within different programmes in ISLI, and partly to support and provide training for teachers in a blended/flipped/distance methodology, where relevant. I have to cover a wide range of technologies, and my interests change over time. At the moment I am particularly interested in the student experience of the use of interactive whiteboards, and in the principles behind the design of online interactive learning materials.

Three years ago, at a British Council seminar in London Michael Rundell, editor in chief at Macmillan Dictionaries, posed the question “Who needs dictionaries?” Certainly the idea of paying for a dictionary is something that is rapidly looking outdated, as there is a wide range of free dictionaries available on […]

Death of the dictionary?