EAP Tech Tool of the Week: Quizlet

Quizlet is a very popular website for creating flashcards for self or class study. To see what it can do, go to this page where I created a list of academic English terms.

Along the top you can click on flashcards (1) to see the vocab cards (click on the word to see the definition on the other side, you can also listen to the pronunciation). Click on Learn (2) to quickly check if you can remember them, Speller (3) to hear the words and then try to type them correctly. Test (4) creates a short quiz with different question types and Scatter (5) and Space Race (6) are fun games using those words.

All of these activities are generated automatically once you’ve created your word list and can provide students with hours of practice. Try some of them out and see.


quizlet icons at top

Quizlet on Mobile

Quizlet also has excellent apps for both Android (Samsung, Sony etc) and Apple devices. It doesn’t have quite as many features as the web version but it still has the Cards (1), Learn (2) and Match (3) (similar to the Scatter game). It can also be easily used in a web browser window on the phone as well so students don’t even have to download the app.


Quizlet mobile

How can Quizlet be used in class?

Quizlet can be used a quick, fun way of revising vocabulary students have studied in class. So, for example, you could create a list of ten to twelve words you learnt the previous lesson and at the start/end of a lesson, you could send students the link to them and they study them and then do the Learn and Match activities. Match is particularly fun because it’s timed and students can compare how quickly they got the answers.

Or, you can use Quizlet as a tool for compiling an ongoing vocabulary list of all the words studied in class. This can be one long list or a series of shorter lists (e.g. every week). Also, rather than you having to compile the list every week, this is a job that you can assign to students as you can either give them editing rights to the lists you’ve created or they can create their own lists and add them to a ‘class’ you’ve created.

How to create a word list in Quizlet

First, make sure you have signed up for Quizlet, click on sign up in the top right and use either your email or Facebook/Google+. Once you have done that, click on Create a Study Set at the top of the page.


create a study set quizlet


On the following page, you give your vocabulary set a name (1). You can also change who can view (2) and edit (3) your sets. If you want your students to access these lists, remember to make it visible to everyone. You can add your words and definitions (4) in the main area by typing them yourself. However, you can also search other users definitions of your term by clicking the search button (5). When you’ve finished creating your set, click Create (6)


quizlet how to create a set

Sharing your Quizlet set with your students

Once you click Create, you will get a box with the option to share on Twitter/Facebook, as well as a link that you can share directly with students.


Quizlet sharing after creating


If you don’t want to share with your students immediately, you can always access those share options later by clicking on the small share button at the top of the vocabulary set.


quizlet sharing later

Creating a Class

If you plan to create a variety of vocab lists for a class, you can create a Quizlet class and then add those lists to that class.

On any of your vocabulary lists, click on Add to Class on the right


quizlet add to class


You can then add the list to an existing class (1) or create a new one (2)


quizlet add new or existing class


You then need to fill in some details about the class such as the name (1) and whether new members can add sets to the class (2). Then click Create class (3).


quizlet class details


Your class is now created. You can copy the link from the other page to give to students so they can join (though they must sign up first).


quizlet link to class


When students go to the link and sign in, they can click Request to Join Class. They will not be added immediately but will need to be approved by you, the teacher.


quizlet request to join class


When students apply to join the class, you will need to go to the class and accept any requests.


quizlet accept member

Quizlet is a great tool to use to create class sets of vocabulary or just to recommend to students as a way of recording and revising new vocabulary. Have you ever used it with your students? Have you found it a useful tool?

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