EAP Tech Tool of the Week: Socrative 2

This is the first in a weekly series of useful websites, apps and devices that could be used in the EAP classroom to engage and interest students. They will be as practical as possible, focussing on the practical steps of how to use them as well as some suggestions for classroom use.

Socrative is a wonderful web and mobile tool that allows teachers to create quizzes and easily give them to students. These could be review quizzes of grammar or vocabulary or a way of testing what they already know about a vocabulary field or area of grammar. Teachers can create and adminster quizzes using the Socrative website, then students can respond to the quizzes using their mobile devices. Here you can see an example of what the students would see when they are answering the quiz.


Teachers can view a live dashboard of how the students are doing while they are taking a quiz.


You can also choose whether the quiz is done at the students’ pace or the teacher’s pace. You can also create a quiz called Space Race, which is a competitive game where the students see how well they are doing in the quiz compared to other students/groups by a rocket icon on the board.

How to create a quiz using Socrative

You need to go to the Socrative website and click on Get A Free Account in the centre of the page. Once you’ve registered, you should then see your start screen.

(1) Dashboard is from where you can start a normal Quiz or a Space Race quiz.

(2) Manage Quizzes is where you create a new quiz or edit an existing one.

(3) Live results is where you can see the live answers of students as they are doing the quiz.


Before you can start a quiz you need to create one. Go to Manage Quizzes and click Create Quiz. You will then need to give your quiz a name. Once you’ve done that, you can start to create quiz questions, choosing from the three options: Multiple Choice, True/False or Short Answer.


Create your questions by (1) writing the question in the space, then (2) fill out any answer choices. Make sure you indicate (3) which is the correct answer. Once you have finished creating all your questions, click (4) Save and Exit.


How to administer a quiz to students

Once you’ve created a quiz, it’s easy then to adminster to the students.

Click on (1) dashboard then (2) Start Quiz. (3) Select your Quiz from the list.


You can then choose to have it student-paced or controlled by the teacher (1), adjust additional settings (2) and then click START (3). The quiz is now running.



How students can access and take the quiz

it’s very simple for students to take the quiz. On their mobile phones or on the computer, they go to m.socrative.com and they will be asked to Enter Teacher’s Room Code.


This is a code you will find at the top of your screen in your teacher account.


Once they have entered that code, they are ready to take the quiz.

During the quiz you can monitor the students answers and results through the Live Results tab at the top.


I’ve used Socrative very successfully with students at many different levels and it’s a great way to review language or to warm them up at the start of the lesson. The Space Race option is great if your students are competitive. The other useful thing about Socrative is that you can quickly and easily share your quizzes with other teachers using a unique code that each quiz gets. This can help reduce workload if teachers are working on the same course and need to create similar quizzes for their class.

Have you ever used Socrative? What have you used it for?

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2 thoughts on “EAP Tech Tool of the Week: Socrative

  • Ania Rolinska

    Hi there, this is a great guide to a really good tool, David and I’ll be sharing it with my colleagues at the Uni of Glasgow. These two technologies http://quizizz.com/ and https://getkahoot.com/ work in similar ways. I’ve tried Quizziz for continuous assessment of reading as well as vocabulary work – the students’ response was positive (and it worked as an effective energiser in post-lunch classes) but I’m planning to use them more in the next term to see how the software actually impacts students’ learning. I’ve also used Socrative to investigate what it is the students take away from my classes and give them an opportunity to ask questions. More info in this prezi https://prezi.com/yakps37advtv/mobile-devices/ and video: http://tinyurl.com/og777o9

  • Anna Bartosik

    I like Socrative for formative assessment as well. Gives me an immediate and real picture of what students know/don’t know at that moment. Works especially well to check grammar lesson comprehension.