Flippin’ EAP: Part 2 50

In a previous post I talked about our EAP centre’s decision to move to a flipped learning model for our pre-sessional to accommodate the need to develop students’ learner autonomy and also to deal with the increased numbers of students attending. I stopped the post just before our pre-sessional was due to begin, so I wanted to give you an update on how things have gone since then.

Teacher buy-in

The first thing we had to address was how to introduce this model to the teachers. We provide a one-week induction for new teachers coming onto our programmes and this was crucial for introducing them to the idea of flipped learning and helping them to feel invested in this pilot project. We ran two sessions specifically on this, the first one was a theoretical one discussing exactly what flipped learning is, why we were adopting it and what were some of the pros and cons. I didn’t run the session but did attend it and was happy at how quickly the teachers got to grips with the idea and how they seemed genuinely positive about it as an approach to the classroom. In some ways it can take some of the pressure of teachers as they are no longer directly responsible for all the input on the course and this can free them up to focus on the higher order skills.

The second session – which I ran – was a more practically-focussed one looking at some of the actual content itself. I gave a brief presentation explaining the process outlined in my previous post and talked through the principles of e-learning that guided it. I then gave them time in pairs in front of a computer to look through multiple examples of the content we’d already created and to critically analyse it from both the perspective of the student and the teacher.

Part of the induction training on the interactive content

Part of the induction training on the interactive content

I was genuinely anxious how the teachers would respond to the content. We thought what we’d created was polished and pedagogically sound, and the few people we’d shown it too were very positive about it, but the real test was the 60+ teachers who were going to have to actually use it.

They responded very positively…I distinctly remember one teacher calling me over and with a very serious face saying, ‘this is really good….’ And I said, ‘but…?’, assuming there was a criticism just waiting in the wings. But no. She said, ‘there’s no but, I’m just really impressed, it must have taken such a long time to make this’. And that was generally the response we got. I mean, you can judge for yourself, I’ve created a short screencast of one of the earlier pieces of content below giving info about the Academic Word List.

Getting teachers to buy in was crucial and running those sessions really helped. The next stage was to convince the students.

Student buy-in

Our academic management team had thought about this quite a bit, and felt it was important to address it head on rather than assuming the students were just going to accept such a new way of studying. For that reason they built an actual writing task on the topic of flipped learning into the first week’s programme and the teachers and students had to discuss multiple times in class and really think about the benefits and drawbacks. I think that helped students to get their heads round it.

We also ran technical sessions for students in the first week with out TEL team, this covered the basics of technology at the university but we also spent a small chunk of time making sure they could all find and access the online content as well as giving them some example content to work through to orient them to the way it was laid out.

Orientation content for students

Orientation content for students

Technical concerns and issues

From my role as the technical lead on this project, I did have some worries about whether our VLE, Blackboard, would cope with so many students accessing content at the same time. There was no way we could test this ahead of time and our tech department at the university assured us it could cope with hundreds of students accessing the interactive content at the same time.

On the first day we released content to the students, I did sit anxiously waiting for the complaints and issues to come rolling in – my email was the one given out to students in case they had any technical issues – but there were very few, just the occasional issue with browsers blocking the pop-up window the content opened in.

Over the course of the summer we’ve had very few technical issues, they only seemed to increase slightly when students had to access any kind of streaming video (they were asked to watch a weekly lecture online). The university servers struggled to cope with delivering simultaneous video to so many students.

On the issue of our VLE, I did find the process of uploading and releasing the content incredibly confusing and convoluted within Blackboard. There are so many settings and sub settings and no clear documentation to explain what they all mean. The content is uploaded in a format called SCORM and when you set it up in Blackboard, you are faced with impenetrable menus like this:

Complicated SCORM menus

Complicated SCORM menus

It was difficult to find any clear guidance online as to what all this meant and the only way I worked it out was through laborious trial and error. Blackboard is not a good VLE. I counted that for each piece of content I needed to adjust 17 individual settings. Fine if you’re doing this once, less fine if you have to do it over 60 times during the course of the summer.

We got some initial feedback from students after the first few weeks, and generally they were very positive about the flipped learning approach and the interactive content. More than 80% though it was either excellent or good.

Tracking and reports

The other issue we had multiple discussions about was the tracking of students progress through the VLE. Before the programme began, the plan was to produce regular reports on the students’ engagement and completion of the content and share them with the teachers to flag up any potential issues down the line.

Within Blackboard you can generate many different types of report, such as completion of content, times they have accessed the course or how long they have spent on individual lessons. But creating them and making them easy to read is quite time-consuming and it’s questionable just how reliable the data is. For example, one metric it measures is time spent within the course, but it’s clear that students who just leave their browser open on the VLE rack up far higher numbers than those who close the tab once they’ve finished. We also need to take into account that some students may do the content together, so only one of them registers as having completed it.

In the end we decided against making these reports available to teachers, we felt that the time it would take to generate them compared with their actual usefulness wasn’t justifiable. But it’s something for us to look at next year and work out how such reports could fit better into the programme.

Informal teacher feedback

Over the last 6 or 7 weeks I’ve chatted informally to some of the teachers working on the summer school and asked them their opinion on the interactive content and the flipped learning model. Generally they seem positive about it – admittedly they might not be exactly truthful given I’m the one who helped create it – but the one thing they did stress was the need for the interactive content to have much closer ties to the lesson that followed it.

This is something that we knew is an essential part of the flipped model. The content they do outside class can’t be seen as just additional work or extra practice, it must feel like an integrated part of the course and failing to do it will make the subsequent lesson difficult to follow. Sometimes we managed that, but it was clear in other places that the connection wasn’t so strong and students didn’t feel compelled to complete the online content. I think the time pressures we were under to complete the content meant we weren’t able to do this to the degree we wanted and it’s definitely something to work on for next year.

I think the experience of using this model has generally been a very positive one and I think it would be difficult to go back to the old way of doing things. Certainly there’s a lot to improve but we should have more time next year to tweak the existing content and the way the syllabus is structured to make it more effective.

As we’re drawing near to the end of the summer, I’ve got several emails from students asking whether they would continue to have access to the online content during the year. They said that the material is really helpful for them and it would be useful if they could have it as a reference once they got into their department. This was unexpected, so we’re now deciding how we can make the content available to students throughout the following year.

Final thoughts

It would be interesting to hear from EAP teachers working in centres across the UK and beyond whether a flipped model might work for you? Do you feel there’s a need for more autonomy among the students? Or are numbers reaching a critical mass where there just isn’t the space to accommodate them any more?

I think the fear of this type of model is that it’s the first step on the road to outsourcing EAP provision, it’s a way to reduce how many teachers are needed. For us that hasn’t been the case, we still need to employ the same number of teachers (or more this summer with the increased student intake) but the focus of the lessons has changed, teachers now need to focus on different kinds of lessons, not purely input focussed but more around practice and discussion. In many ways these are the skills that make us indispensable, no online content is ever going to capture the nuance and depth of those kinds of lessons and this just helps us focus on them.

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About David Read

I work at the English Language Teaching Centre at the University of Sheffield as the Director of TEL (technology-enhanced learning). I've been an EFL/EAP teacher and teacher trainer for over 20 years and have worked in 14 different countries. Settling down is clearly an issue for me.

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50 thoughts on “Flippin’ EAP: Part 2

  • Julie Moore

    I was slightly nervous after your first post about how the whole experiment was going to go, so I’m really pleased to hear it was so positive. Congratulations! It sounds like a lot of work and a great achievement.

    I was talking to a colleague about what you were doing the other day and we wondered to what extent the tutors would be expected to go through the online content so they were familiar with what students were doing outside of their classes. Is that something you factored in/encouraged/paid hours for? I know when I worked on some – very small scale! – Blackboard content for students to work on outside of class many years ago, I soon realized that the tutors were setting the tasks, but weren’t looking at the material themselves, so they couldn’t refer back to it in class and link it up to in-class content. I guess it’s a balance between freeing up teacher time, but also making sure they can engage with the online input in class.

    • Profile photo of David Read
      David Read Post author

      Thanks for the comments Julie! Good question about whether teachers had to go through the content as well. Yes, they did, but not in as much depth as the students. We set up the content so there was a quick access menu so that teachers could skim through the various parts of the content without necessarily having to do all the exercises themselves. We also reduced teacher hours this year. Previously they had to teach 19 hours a week, now they are only teaching 15 hours a week, so we hoped those extra hours would give them time to look through the content as well.

      • Julie Moore

        I really like the sound of the quick access menu. One of the things I find a bit frustrating sometimes with digital content from a teacher’s perspective is that you can’t scan through it like you can in a print book to get an overview – you often have to click through each question rather laboriously.

  • Joy Robbins

    Really interesting post David – thanks for letting us see how it went! I think that here at Leeds, as at Sheffield and perhaps many institutions, increasing pre-sessional numbers make flipped learning a necessity. But this is no bad thing: flipped learning is demonstrably more effective and, frankly, more fun. While I see your point that some may fear it lessens the teacher role thereby paving the way to outsourcing, I think if anything it enhances/ asks more of the teacher role in that instead of just delivering content, you have to be comfortable getting students to do something with that content.
    I’d love to develop good online content as you’ve done (and I hear you about Blackboard – how is something so clunky and hated still on the market??) and essentially flip via introduction of online materials, but short of that I think another way could be flipping via Team Based Learning (http://www.teambasedlearning.org/ – a specific pedagogic design, not just group work). It’s had great success in various disciplines but which doesn’t seem to have much presence in EAP yet – wonder if it’s been on your radar?

  • Aeronwy Thomas-Osborne

    I feel like more autonomy is definitely needed, but in centres I’ve worked in I don’t know if the various attempts at ‘flipping’ have really fostered it. For example, on the 4-week pre-sessional I co-ordinated this summer, the students were set pre-class tasks. For the first two weeks, they were directed to specific short online modules and/or online resources. The specificity of this then wound down as they were directed to navigate the independent study resources themselves and prepare for the lessons, for which they knew topics/learning outcomes in advance, as they saw fit. A few of them commented in the feedback that they didn’t do much preparation during these weeks because they knew it wouldn’t be “checked”. I like flipping because it frees class time up for productive practice and higher skills, but I wonder if the very nature of it being so directly connected to class content, and intrinsic to the students’ success in the following lesson, renders it less conducive to self-direction than we might like?

    • Profile photo of David Read
      David Read Post author

      hi Aeronwy, thanks for the comments and agree that it’s a tricky balance. I think the challenge is to ensure that the online content and the classroom content are so tightly connected (e.g the online content is the input for the practice in class) that they are going to be at a disadvantage when they go into class. I don’t think we always achieved that, but that connection has to be made really clear to the students. If they think of it as homework or additional tasks, they are less likely to do it (especially since it won’t be checked in class).

  • Stephen Beale

    Hi David,

    Really interesting to read this – I am aware of Articulate but have never used it. I do some TEL/VLE work here at Swansea University for our pre-sessional programmes. When you said that about Articulate being similar to online health and safety training courses, I immediately have bad memories as they are the driest and dullest courses I’ve ever done (the GDPR one was particularly uninspiring, too).

    What I was curious about was whether the students got bored quite quickly of doing the online activities or whether you kept learning modules/activities quite short and to the point? It seems like they would get ‘fatigued’ quite quickly, but perhaps I am wrong?

    Did you also capture any qualitative data from the students themselves through things like focus groups? I would be particularly interested in hearing their thoughts as I know I’m still wary of how engaged students are in learning through platforms like Articulate as I know I find them insufferable! But that might just be my personal preference 🙂


  • GinaGercenwerce

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    I’m mother of two wonderful 10 years sons. Their father has left us 8 years ago.
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    In addition there are throw away vape writing instruments, that have battery, atomizer and a pre-loaded vape container, and are created to be dumped as soon as that container is used (in contrast to refilled with a new printer cartridge). A vape pen uses a battery-driven home heating factor, known as an atomizer, to quickly heat your CBD vape oils to 400 qualifications Fahrenheit, changing it into a vapor that you can take in. Like the majority of CBD items, CBD vape oils are available in CBD isolate and total-variety forms.

    CBD vape skin oils allow individuals to quickly inhale and initiate receiving the advantages of CBD. Now, with all the increase in interest in CBD, CBD vape pencils have become a favorite solution among individuals who get CBD for relaxation and overall health. Actually vaping is very easy…all you truly require is a vaporizer or vape pencil and CBD vape juice to vape it.

    As soon as you vape CBD gas in a CBD container or vape pen, you will quickly start feeling the comforting and calming result on your physique and some great benefits of the compound will also commence to acquire outcome quickly. If you happen to be in a state where marijuana is legitimate, you’ll gain access to CBD merchandise that contain more than the .3Percent lawful reduce of THC. CBD cartridges – Much like THC gas toner cartridges, these are typically slim throw-away e-cig tanks filled with CBD e-juices.

    CBD might be infused into many different goods which include vape liquid, edibles , CBD oils tinctureslotions, tablets and . We do not make any boasts regarding the health benefits of making use of CBD oils and you should not claim any correcting or altering effect while using our array of CBD merchandise. Majority of CBD vape fats are made of CBD isolate meaning they have no THC, the principle psychoactive substance of cannabis.

    This top rated-rated CBD vape essential oil even offers throw-away vape pens. Non reusable CBD vape pencils are one of the most useful approaches to begin vaping cannabidiol, specifically the initial time. Refillable CBD vape pens need purchasing a product, and obviously some CBD e-liquid to vape.

    The Slim Pen cartridges are fantastic for completing with CBD vape natural oils and concentrates. Hemp Bombs throw away CBD vape pens are an excellent selection for newbies. We make sure there are no fats, terpenes or another cannabinoids within our CBD merchandise apart from CBD.

    We examination every single batch of our own hemp oils via a third-celebration clinical to make certain that these products you obtain are the best offered, with out bug sprays or THC. Our CBD Vape Pencil + Container provides the key benefits of CBD within an efficient and easy-to-use manner. Mingo Rad is here to produce a splash having a clean selection of most-all-natural CBD vapes made here from the U.S.A. By using untouched, domestic hemp, we protect all of the natural advantages of CBD gas and put another serving of something rad.

    Vape pencil has a 1ml cartridge containing 450mg of CBD oil. With this CBD vape pen, experiencing the advantages of CBD is as easy as inhaling. Our discreet re-chargeable vape pen delivers quick-operating and highly bioavailable atomized CBD oils plus a tip of lemon or lime with every inhale. Maintain stocks of great-finish CBD vape juices along with other high quality CBD goods at Key CBD now.

    If you’re looking to buy CBD vape oils, Central CBD will be the best resource We’re very proud to provide a selection of mouthwatering vape fruit juice flavours , made from the best non-psychoactive substances (no THC). We truly get nature’s finest then go the extra mile to ensure as much men and women as is possible can take advantage of the world type Pharmaceutic Class CBD Oils items. Research has shown that breathing in cannabis essential gas can sort out Relaxation, Renewed vitality, Concentration, and Head ache oilsAndnbspis the centered type of Cannabidiol in a water type, that is heated up and taken in using an Electronic cigarette,AndnbspVape Pen, or&nbspCBD vape essential oilAndnbspcan be bought inside a bottle to refill your&nbspVape Pencil.

    Meticulously hook up the CBD vape container to the electric battery pencil. Chances are you have observed a lot of CBD vape gas items out there, but you will find key elements to think about before acquiring one particular. limonene and Myrcene are two of the terpenes naturally created by the hemp grow and are seen in all VivaOil goods – investigation signifies that they hold an array of helpful components.

    VivaVape is formulated with pure substantial-good quality terpenes and CBD are included to keep the CBD oils fluid enough to help vaping. For that reason, the possible health advantages of vaping CBD oils happen to be in jeopardy. Includes extra components just to be physically practical to vaporize using a vaporizer battery power, even though cBD vape essential oil is made of classic CBD oils.

    No, if you are using 100 % pure hemp-derived CBD oil without additional THC, CBD vape gas will not likely help you get high. When compared with smoking cigarettes raw blossom or nicotine that contains goods, vaping CBD might have less carcinogenic or harmful byproducts, dependant upon the item you are utilizing. Health Benefits of Vaping CBD Essential oil.

    That is why increasingly more folks are embracing CBD and CBD essential oil to the possible holistic health and wellness advantages. CBD hemp essential oil hails from manufacturing hemp, which is described as a marijuana plant made up of not more than .3Per cent THC, and is a legitimate substance underneath the 2018 Farm Costs. Pick CBD’s hemp-extracted products have no THC.

    Beboe provides the daily cannabis consumer with an array of classy, properly-designed CBD + THC products. The most effective CBD vape fats, vape artificial additives, vape refills, unflavored and flavored CBD vapor drinks, are multi functional spot. Our CBD vape natural oils will be the APEX of vaping.

    CBD essential oil is flexible and is not going to only are available in vape pencils. Indeed, it’s possible to vape CBD oils in a vape pen, in a choice of a throw away a single or perhaps a reusable. Load CBD essential oil into any non-disposable, refillable vape pen like with any e-cigarette or box mod.

    Some usually do not, although some cannabis vape oils do have VG and PG to make far more huge vapor clouds. By using a non reusable CBD oils pen is the easiest and cheapest method to vape CBD gas. Non reusable hemp oils pens usually have a porcelain ceramic coil and 100 % cotton wicks.

    The ideal disposable CBD vape pencils are little in dimensions and so are self-comprised. Exactly About Non reusable CBD Vape Pens. The best CBD oils vape pencil basic starter kit will be non reusable since they are prepared-to-use straight from the package.

    Refillable – A refillable vape pen includes container and battery combination, which means these devices is integrated, and desires only to be loaded with oil to vape. CBD vape writing instruments are very different utilizing devices only due to the substance simply being vaped. Portable devices that happen to be reasonably priced and simple-to-use, the most effective CBD vape pencils are the most useful because they are tiny.

    CBD, a ingredient obtained from hemp, is turned into an e-liquefied rendering it vaporizable with any e-cig product. Vape pencils, wax tart pencils, dab writing instruments – exactly what are the dissimilarities between these items, and what needs have their usages? If you’re starting your vacation into the realm of vaping, you may read about many different types of pencils which you can use to ingest marijuana, CBD, along with other materials.

    Availability troubles and nasty stigmas can be stopping some aging adults from accessing useful cannabis goods, though seniors may feel many therapeutic advantages from healthcare cannabis. Living through the company’s seven tough levels of quality assessments, these throw away CBD vape pencils consist of just a few simple ingredients, so you can know precisely what you’re inhaling. At Just CBD, we market higher-high quality, secure and dependable CBD vape products made out of the highest quality hemp-extracted CBD.

    We suggest getting a vape fruit juice that already features CBD or even a throw away CBD vape pencil. Can you combine CBD hemp oils with vape juices? CBD vape writing instruments: Grab your container and vape device and link up them.

    As soon as you can separate CBD essential oil tinctures from CBD vape juices, vaping CBD is a fairly easy and straightforward process. They actually do call for standard servicing like altering the coil and maintaining the tank nice and clean, despite the fact that refillable pencils develop much more taste and vapor than disposables. CBD oils replacements are vape tanks which can be pre-loaded with CBD vape fruit juice or CBD distillate.

    The effects of CBD are experienced instantly when vaping against getting it by mouth, although vaping CBD provides the very same positive aspects as getting CBD oil orally. Among the most up-to-date varieties to take CBD is as simple as vaping it. It is very important realize that both of these usually are not the same, though cBD vape fruit juice looks eerily just like CBD oils. 231mg CBD Blood vessels Orange (Made up) Vape Pen is a hemp-extracted CBD vaporizer pencil that offers customers with the opportunity to restore and revitalize the body and mind.

    Thanks to the development in technologies, CBD has been infused into a wide range of consumable goods, including CBD edibles, CBD oils, and CBD topicals. Also created having a identified combination of all-natural cannabis terpenes, each of the goods are clinical-tested for purity, top quality, and CBD content material. All the Provacan CBD vape essential oil Great britain products are made of completely uncooked, 100 % natural ingredients and don’t consist of any chemicals or chemical preservatives.

    How to purchase CBD Vape Gas United kingdom Products On the internet. Our most robust CBD vape oil British product is our 600 milligrams CBD e-water. The Provacan CBD E-water and CBD Essential oil Vape Pen Starter Kit UKhttp://vseblestit.by/user/XAPChristel/

    Although there are 1000mg CBD vape oils British products readily available, the most potent that people offer at Provacan is 600mg. Discovering substantial-high quality and efficient CBD e-liquefied products which offer an exact component collection and research laboratory examination effects can help you to use a greater knowledge about CBD. CBD is normally effectively accepted with a great protection user profile.” The actual problem with CBD e-liquid goods is the standard of the merchandise that you are purchasing – it’s not the CBD itself that you have to be concerned about, based on the World Well being Organization.

    Are UK CBD Gas Vape Items Safe for use? Quickly action: After the atomiser inside the vape pen heats up the CBD e-fluid, it turns into a vapor that may be breathed in. Should you be unfamiliar with vaping, just put in a couple of droplets of your CBD vape juices into the refillable ink cartridge and breathe in slowly and gradually.

    All of our CBD vape liquid formulas is combined with a complete-variety combination of terpenes and productive hemp cannabinoids. Although vape writing instruments all differ somewhat, these are generally the steps you’ll wish to adhere to to utilize CBD vape gas: Some vape pens include disposable replacements, even though some have chambers that can be recycled.

    Electric battery: Most vape writing instruments possess a chargeable lithium battery power that offers electricity toheat the gas. Cannabis can have just as much as 30Per cent THC, although hemp includes less than .3Percent Hemp-structured CBD essential oil is normally created from CBD isolate, containing zero THC. CBD vape gas will go by many different titles, which include CBD vape fruit juice, CBD e-liquid and CBD e-liquefied.

    Usually, they involve home heating a liquid—in this situation CBD oil—until it gets a vapor that can be breathed in, however vaping gadgets all fluctuate slightly. This vape oil comes in three levels -750mg and 300mg, and 1500mg – which range in value from $.06 to $.10 per mg. The cbdMD CBD Vape Oil is formulated by using a large-spectrum extraction method that keeps all vital components through the hemp grow and assures a soothing vape practical experience, even so. It’s essential to understand what’s within your CBD vape gas and some of the probable health problems connected with vaping.

    Many people take advantage of the process of vaping, and furthermore, as CBD vape oils arrives in a number of flavors, some prefer it to conventional tinctures.

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