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    David Read

    hi to all new members. To get us started, would be great to get a bit of info on all of you. Let us know who you are, where you work, what aspects of learning technology you are interested in and what you’re doing this summer (working/relaxing/writing the next great novel etc).

    My name’s David Read, I work at the English language Teaching Centre at the University of Sheffield. My official job title is Academic Director for Technology-Enhanced Learning but that’s quite wordy and often refer to myself as ‘the tech guy’, which is not a particularly helpful description either as it often means I end up trying to fix teachers’ printers (and often failing). I’m very interested in digital literacy for both teachers and students, online learning and course design and mobile learning.

    This summer is all about the pre-sessional courses. We have a massive operation at Sheffield, over 1500 students, 100+ classes, 100+ teachers (40-50 who are new to our centre). I have a tech team, myself and two learning technology coordinators and our job is to provide tech inductions for teachers, ongoing workshops and support and digital literacy training for students. Hoping to get a few weeks off at the end of August.

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    Robin Turner

    Hi everyone,

    I teach EAP at Bilkent University in Ankara. Most of my work is with first-year students teaching basic academic skills and getting their language up to scratch – basically a cross between a US-style Freshman Composition course and a UK-style EAP course, with a large dose of CBI thrown in. actually, it’s the last part that makes it all worthwhile, as teachers get to choose their own content (e.g., last year I taught “Theories of Hpapiness” and “The Philosophy and Psychology of Games”). I also teach a few more specialist courses, like technical report writing.

    On the techie side of things, I’m part of a small group called BETS (Bilkent Educational Technology Support). Our main job is keeping the Moodle servers running and dealing with user problems, though we also do occasional workshops on other tools. I’m also doing quite a bit of web design at the moment, and am trying to upgrade my skills (xhtml -> HTML5, CSS2 -> CSS3 etc.). I do the odd bit of PHP prgramming and am starting to learn Java. I also have an unhealthy obsession with LaTeX 😉

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    Anna Rolinska

    Hello All

    First of all, thanks David for getting us started – the site looks great and I hope it’s just a beginning of a great resource and a community of practice 🙂

    I’m Ania RoliÅ„ska and I work part-time as an EAP tutor at the University of Glasgow (I also do a bit of freelancing on the side, mostly to do with online teaching and course design). I’ve always been interested in the use of technology in education so I quickly became a Moodle person in our department. In September 2014 I was made a TELT Officer for the whole School of Modern Languages and Cultures. As part of my job, I look after our Moodle, offer informal and more formal training to colleagues (and students), contribute to projects with an online/technology element and think of better ways of integrating technology into the teaching and learning practices. I’m interested in the pedagogy of online learning, design of online/blended courses/activities, digital literacies, online facilitation/teaching.

    I’m also at the final stages of a dissertation of the MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. My study looks into the students’ perceptions of multimodality in constructing academic discourse. So July is going to be all about the dissertation while in August I’ll be teaching on the Pre-sessional. I’m really looking forward to working with engineering students, particularly that part of the course will be telecollaboration with students in Gaza.

    Looking forward to connecting with you all and seeing this site grow!

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    Martin Barge


    Thanks David for setting this site up (I came to your talk at the BALEAP Conference, so it’s good to stay in touch online).

    I work in the Language Centre (a department of the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film), at Queen Mary, University of London. My job title is “Multimedia Language Resource Centre Manager”, which essentially involves anything to do with technology in language teaching. For instance, I look after our suite of digital language labs, support staff and students using digital technologies in teaching and learning, make/adapt/convert digital materials…

    I also teach an undergraduate module called “Computers and Languages,” which introduces students to some of the main developments in computer-assisted/technology-enhanced language learning (tricky terminology, I find), and introduces them to the basics of creating digital materials. This coming year I’m also convening a new MA module in multimedia materials development, as part of our MA in Applied Linguistics and ELT. I also do some EAP teaching.

    I completed my MEd in Educational Technology and ELT by distance learning at Manchester in 2006, and before that spent a good number of years teaching EFL.

    I sometimes feel that technological innovation moves too fast, and that as professionals working in technology-related fields, we continually need to keep our eye on the digital ball.

    My interests are in multimedia, materials writing, ESP, EAP, and scripting/programming languages (e.g. JavaScript and PHP).

    It’s very nice to meet you all.

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    Thank you, David, for creating this platform for all of us who are interested in learning technologies in relation to EAP. A fantastic initiative!

    I am Prithvi Shrestha and work as Senior Lecture and Head of ELT in the Department of Languages, the Open University, UK. We are a small team of three members that are responsible for providing EAP and other language across the curriculum modules/ courses to the Open University students who are mostly home students unlike in other traditional universities. Currently we offer two credit-bearing modules, one general EAP and the another one ESAP for business and management education students. They are both delivered online and so learning technologies are central to our teaching and learning.

    We are now int he process of getting academic language and literacy(ies) in the university qualifications framework. This will result in every faculty integrating academic language and literacy into their curriculum. This took us over six years of persuading the institution to show that language matters in every discipline.

    I am responsible for the academic direction of the ELT team.

    My research has focused on academic writing and assessment. I have also researched the role of mobile technologies in teacher development, especially in developing countries. I use two particular theories to underpin my research: Vygotskian sociocultural theory as a theory of learning and Systemic Functional Linguistics as a theory of language. Both of them have helped me with teaching and research.

    I would be interested in how other colleagues have used technologies in their teaching and research.

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    Lukas Becker

    Hi there,

    Quick introduction from me: I’m Lukas and I work in the Language Centre at the University of the Arts London. My job title is Learning Technology Support, and I look after anything to do with classrooms, learning resources and IT. On a day-to-day basis this can involve anything from troubleshooting IT/AV problems with tutors, to ordering books and other resources, visiting the classrooms with our mobile library, and making sure that faulty equipment gets replaced promptly.

    During the summer months I mainly support the Commercial Classes run at our High Holborn site. At other times I’m also more actively involved in working on the Insessional programme and the preparations for Presessional.

    I am interested in interactive learning activities and learning games, and I would be interested to know how others negotiate the demands on the learning environment (room layouts for teaching, the use of Smartboards and associated problems –if any, etc.)

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