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    Anna Rolinska

    I’ve been thinking a bit of the new academic year and ways of improving teacher support when it comes to using Moodle and technology in general. The way it has been organised at the University of Glasgow English for Academic Study is a combination of informal and more formal training sessions; we’ve got a TELT Moodle with various links and resources, monthly Moodle drop-in sessions (not very well attended), occasional TELT workshops and one-to-one conversations via email, in the corridor or the office. What does it look like where you work? How successful do you think your provision is?

    And a related question: I feel many of our teachers are so busy that they have very little time or energy left to get to grips with technology beyond posting an announcement or creating an assignment submission (there is an element of fear too). So I’m thinking of devising a mini-course introducing various technologies to my colleagues (something along the lines of 12 apps of Christmans It would be one tool a day – brief demonstration of what it is, what you can do with it in a language classroom and a short task in which a participant can try out the tool and share the result with others. What would you say should go on the list of tools? My criteria of choice would be: free of charge, web-based, preferably available on computers and mobile devices, clearly supporting development of academic skills and language and if possible collaboration.
    My list so far: Padlet, Screencast-o-matic, mindmapping tools, Quizlet,, Google apps (although I think they could make a separate course) – what would you add to it?

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    David Read

    Great idea Anna, we’ve been doing a similar thing on our teacher portal site for the summer, introducing either a tech tip or a website a week for them to try out. This might be something for us to introduce on this site as well!

    A few I’d recommend:

    – Prezi for presentations and an interesting alternative to Powerpoint
    – Voicethread for creating narratives through pictures and audio (and the option for the audience to comment on them)
    – Adobe Voice: limited to ipad sadly, but an amazing app for creating short presentations or narratives.
    – Evernote for cross platform/device note-taking or vocabulary gathering
    – Movenote similar to but with mobile app option
    – Videoant for collaborative annotation of youtube/online videos, great for analysing presentations or anything else!
    – Textivate (for teachers) to create a variety of reading activities
    – Socrative for creating interactive quizzes using mobile or laptops

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    Anna Rolinska

    Thanks David for your suggestions – some of the tools are new to me so will give it a go. I’ve used the Voicethread but I believe that you can’t create a free account any more – correct me if I’m wrong.

    I like your idea a tech tip or a website a week so I might try it in August when I’m fully back to work (for both the teachers and students). This could help me actually get the resources ready for the minicourse.
    When you share the tip or the website I presume you provide a demo and examples of use, yes? What’s the teachers’ response? Do you evaluate in any way whether they do anything with the advice?

    Shall we have something along the lines as part of the site here? I think that’s a good idea too!

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