List of mobile apps for EAP students

I’ve just created a list of mobile apps that are useful for EAP students to to develop both their English and academic skills, feel free to share it among your own students and teachers:

Mobile apps for language learning

If anyone would like to add to the list, you can, there is a bar just under the title where it says ‘add to list’.  It uses a site called and you would have to register for that first and your contribution would go into a queue – this is just to avoid spam – so it won’t show up immediately. Alternatively, if you suggest some apps in the comments that you think are useful for EAP students, I’ll add them myself to the list.

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I work at the English Language Teaching Centre at the University of Sheffield as the Director of TEL (technology-enhanced learning). I've been an EFL/EAP teacher and teacher trainer for over 20 years and have worked in 14 different countries. Settling down is clearly an issue for me.

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