Portfolios can be used for a variety of purposes in EAP. They can be used to assess students’ knowledge, showcase exemplary work, give students a sense of progress throughout the term or year or even as a feature of a CV or application for a job or higher degree. Portfolios […]

E-portfolios in EAP

Ok, so my last day of IATEFL (not the last day of the conference by the way, but I had to get back for work reasons) and I saw a few more sessions that touched on both technology and EAP and were worth reporting back on. First up was a […]


I’ve just finished day one of IATEFL here in Birmingham and just wanted to share a few notes from a couple of the sessions I went to that are relevant for both technology and EAP. First off was Supporting postgraduate EAP students: teaching tips and technology tools by Angela Smith, […]


I’m in Birmingham for IATEFL for a few days so hope to blog a little about some of the sessions I see here with a particular focus on any connected to technology and EAP (ideally both!) Gloriously bad weather as I arrived here today, torrential rain and a nice long […]


In my previous post, I talked about how we set up our online course in learning technologies for EAP teachers and the thought processes we went through in choosing our participants, deciding on the platform and selecting the course content. In this post I’d like to talk about the nitty […]

Diary of an online course: part 2

A few months ago I wrote about an online course we were planning for EAP teachers in learning technologies. As the course is just about to finish, I thought it might be useful to write a short summary of the process of setting up and running the course over a […]

Diary of an online course: part 1

As EAP teachers our main job is to help students to improve their language skills, but we also often end up giving advice on studying generally that don’t strictly relate to English. Things such as note taking or Powerpoint skills are not strictly language issues but many of us address […]

Four web tools for smarter studying

A vague title for something quite specific. Embedding is when you take media from one website or source and put it into another website. So, when you go to a website and it has a YouTube video on the page, that’s embedding. Or when you take a posterboard from a site […]

How to embed stuff in your VLE

There, I’ve said it…not sure if I’ll keep my job or not, but I felt I needed to get this off my chest. Now, let’s just qualify this to start with, I’m not sure I actually hate corpus linguistics per se. What I think I hate is this cloud of […]

I’m an EAP teacher and I hate Corpus Linguistics

By now, most people have heard – however tangentially – the expression ‘flipping the classroom’ and the idea of providing out of the class input or activities that will then feed into what happens in the class. For most EFL/EAP teachers, this doesn’t seem strikingly new or revolutionary. Perhaps for […]

EAP tech tool of the week: Zaption

  Do any of these sound familiar: You plan for a lesson using the internet and that’s the day your school loses its connection. You plan to take the students to the computer room to do some writing, but you forget to book it and someone else is in there. […]

5 rules for making tech work in class

When I show students and teachers Mendeley, I normally get two reactions. The first is, ‘wow, that’s amazing’ and the second is ‘I wish I’d known about it sooner so I could have used it for my degree/masters/PCGE/Diploma etc’ So what is it? Well, it’s a web service that stores […]

Tech tools for EAP students: Mendeley

Until recently the ability to record your computer screen and voice simultaneously was a complex and expensive process and only really available to a select few. However, this process normally referred to as ‘screencasting’ can now be done much simpler and for a much lower cost – even free – […]

A guide to screencasting

Me and my colleague Nick went on our annual trek down to the Excel Centre in London today to visit BETT, the British Educational Technology and Training show. It’s a chance for companies to promote various devices and technologies that can be used in schools and a chance for us […]

BETT and the current trends in edtech

A couple of days ago, me and a colleague gave a presentation at an internal university conference on why our centre had decided to drop Blackboard as our virtual learning environment and were going with an alternative – Google Classroom – instead. The heart of our argument was that Blackboard gave […]

What makes a modern VLE?

Having a PC in the classroom is, I am guessing, a commonplace in EAP, certainly in the UK and possibly in most countries. However, I’m guessing too that access to an interactive whiteboard (IWB) is much patchier; that some EAP teachers are lucky enough to have one in all the […]

Interactive Whiteboards; do they have a future in EAP?

As any good teacher knows, the year doesn’t really start in January, September is where it really matters, a fresh start with new students and new groups and (hopefully) new resolutions and ideas for the classroom. But that doesn’t mean we can’t join in with the rest of society and […]

EAP tech ideas for the New Year

I sometimes feel like a second-class citizen being an Android user in education – especially higher education. Apple completely dominate the market and whenever I go to a presentation or app meet-up on mobile devices, at some point I have to meekly raise my hand and ask “Is that available […]

Android Academicals

Three years ago, at a British Council seminar in London Michael Rundell, editor in chief at Macmillan Dictionaries, posed the question “Who needs dictionaries?” Certainly the idea of paying for a dictionary is something that is rapidly looking outdated, as there is a wide range of free dictionaries available on […]

Death of the dictionary?

At the recent BALEAP PIM Conference in Sheffield, I talked about a new online course on Learning Technologies in EAP we’re planning to run at our centre next year. It will be a training course for teachers and the goal is to provide them with a solid basis in the […]

Learning Technologies in EAP online course