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I think our field is generally fairly poorly served on the internet, there are not a huge number of sites dedicated to EAP or developing the types of skills EAP students need. However, there are a few out there worthy of consideration and which I feel confident recommending to my students:

Academic Phrasebank

Very well known site that collects together common phrase chunks to use in academic writing

Academic phrasebank screenshot

Academic Vocabulary

This site from Nottingham University helps students learn more about the Academic Word List (AWL) and do practice activities based on it. The highlighter is particularly useful for helping them identify words in a text that come from the AWL.


A great site to help students develop their knowledge of vocabulary and collocations. The section on collocations where students can type a word and select the corpus to take it from can really help them develop a fine-grained knowledge of a word’s usage.

flax screenshot

What websites have you found most useful to recommend to your students or use with them in class?

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I work at the English Language Teaching Centre at the University of Sheffield as the Director of TEL (technology-enhanced learning). I've been an EFL/EAP teacher and teacher trainer for over 20 years and have worked in 14 different countries. Settling down is clearly an issue for me.

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