How to sell online courses Complete Guide

Nowadays with the popularization and access to the internet, you can carry out all kinds of research and even do grocery shopping on your cell phone. It is also possible to study without leaving home, directly from your smartphone or computer.

The practicality and efficiency of seeking knowledge through online courses has made more and more people seek this means of teaching to develop a new skill or improve the knowledge they already have in some area.

But in parallel to this, new courses arise driven by the ease of creating online classes. So, people who produce video classes or webinars end up having doubts about how to sell online courses.

As people look for this form of education, portals focused on selling online courses grow. And because it does not require a large investment, the chance of a positive return is high.

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How to sell online courses?

Just like any other type of venture, starting an online business needs good planning. Currently, the online course market is growing worldwide, with more and more institutions offering distance learning courses.

Knowing this, many professionals began to invest in the creation and marketing of classes on the internet, however, they encounter some difficulties throughout the process, especially in relation to how to sell online courses.

Despite not needing a high investment value. To stand out in the online environment, it is necessary to define a good digital marketing strategy , produce quality content and invest time to create a good relationship with your customer.

Why sell online courses?

During the period of the Covid-19 pandemic, demand for online courses grew by 130% . Online courses are a great way to learn new things, specialize professionally or develop skills.

You have probably already noticed how this market has been growing, creating an excellent opportunity for those who have knowledge and want to start a business.

The chances of achieving success selling online courses is a sure bet, whether to supplement your income or invest to make it your main source.

Choose the market segment and understand your audience.

To enter any new market, one of the first steps is to understand how it works. It is necessary to carry out a market analysis, with a study of competitors, the public and, when necessary, suppliers and partners.

By doing this type of market study, it becomes more evident if it is a good idea to invest in this field. Whether it will be useful to potential customers and whether he is already saturated on this subject.

Market segmentation

In short, segmenting the market is separating the entire market into “slices” with an audience that has similar goals and desires, and working with a specific segment is an excellent way to ensure that your business will be successful.

When starting a business, you will hardly be able to face the biggest competitors in the market. Therefore, starting with a specific segment can be a good way to enter to win larger markets in the future.

So, enter less markets. In the case of selling online courses, focusing on just one discipline that you master and trying to reach that specific market can be a good strategy to build your authority.

create your personas

Once you understand the best market for your business, it’s time to start analyzing who the people in that market are. For that, you need to create the persona to whom you will direct your marketing strategies.

What is persona?

But what exactly is a persona ? A persona is a semi-fictional representation of an ideal customer for your business. It is built through a lot of research and real information from existing customers.

That is, it is a character invented based on reality, through real research and market understanding.

The development of a persona is designed to help you have an accurate idea of ​​which potential customers you will seek and who is more likely to actually become a customer.

Depending on your industry, you may have more than one persona. This can be due to different age groups and genders, so it is important to study and identify as many personas as you need for your business.

However, care must be taken when creating a new business. It is better to focus on just one persona, in a way that leverages efforts and increases the chances of conversion.

Define the format of your online course

After understanding the market and the importance of creating a persona, it’s time to define the format for your online course . One of the advantages of producing courses on the internet is the diversity of formats that it makes it possible to create.

There is no ideal format for selling online courses, just find the one that works best with your course content for your audience. We separate the main types of info products on the market:


It is a simple format and quite popular among online courses. The Ebook is easy to access and create, and it easily adapts to any device that has a compatible digital reader.

Another advantage of this format is that if you have already saved the Ebook on your device, you do not need internet to access it again.

Video classes

Another very popular and easy-to-produce format is video lessons. Even if you don’t have experience with video editing tools or professional equipment. Smartphones themselves have excellent quality cameras.

This is a format widely used in courses that need some kind of demonstration, such as cooking classes, physical exercises, something more artisanal, among others.

If you are a more shy person in front of the cameras, it is recommended to train a lot in front of the mirror, record some drafts or call an expert who is more skilled in front of the cameras.


This format is made from a computer screen capture. Screen capture software and a microphone are required to narrate the course while you perform demonstrations on your computer.

Screencasts are ideal for presentations in spreadsheets, or courses that require any demonstration on the computer.


The audiobook has gained popularity due to the practicality of allowing to consume the content while the person is doing another activity: practicing physical activity, cooking, for example.

In addition, content in audiobooks is accessible and useful for the visually impaired.


Similar to the audiobook, the Podcast is another form of content through audio, and it can be even more relaxed, like a radio show.

Some advantages of the podcast are the possibility for the listener to choose the subjects that most interest them and the power to listen to the content whenever they want.

Monthly signature

The monthly subscription is an interesting format, which makes it possible to make periodic content available and charge a fee for access.

This format is ideal for anyone who has a large amount of content about a specific niche. It is possible to make videos available periodically, or all at once, with new techniques at a lower and more affordable price.

The advantage of this format is that the student learns the content with the ideal time to learn and practice. And for those who produce the course, you will have a guarantee of recurring revenue over the next few months.


Like print magazines, electronic magazines have a defined periodicity, and tend to replace the physical format.


Kits are combinations of different formats of digital products that complement each other to convey the complete content of your course. In this way, it is possible to transmit an online course as completely as possible.

Search on the topic

Even if you are an expert on the subject, it is necessary to research and delve into the chosen topic to ensure that you will have enough property to share this subject with others.

Always look for new sources and references that you didn’t know before to acquire more knowledge and become an authority on the subject.

If you decide to sell online courses without being an expert in the chosen area, you need to dedicate yourself even more to being able to pass all the content in a didactic and reliable way.

Always look for the biggest references on your topic, read materials from foreign sources. The more you study, the more property you will have to talk about the topic of your course.

Produce your online course

Now that you know your persona well, you know which segment you will follow and what format your course will be. It’s time to get your hands dirty.

course draft

The time has come to brainstorm, that is, to use creativity to write down all the ideas that come to your mind and imagine what form your online course will take.

Search for references from other courses, which may or may not be related to your topic. That way you can identify what has already been produced and you can get great ideas for your material.

Creating the lesson plan

To create an online course it is essential to have a lesson plan. It will serve as a guide for your online course, with the structure of the class, the objective, the content and the activities that will be passed.

A class should be fluid and spontaneous, this lesson plan is a guide and not a rule. And to assemble this plan, just describe this information:

  • class theme
  • Goals
  • Contents
  • Methodology
  • Timeline
  • Resources
  • Evaluation

Preparation of the class schedule

Another important step in planning the course is the creation of a good script, which predicts what will be said in class and covers the entire sound and visual part of the course. In addition to being very useful for not forgetting any important information, and ensuring the ideal duration of the class.

Content production

With the lesson planning and script in hand, it’s time to produce your content. Have all the materials you need for production: computer, cameras, microphone, lighting and whatever else you need.

If you don’t have experience with any equipment when recording videos, hire a video maker to help with the production or ask a friend who understands for help. Make sure your course audio is clear.


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