Why Use An LMS For Enterprise Training?


An LMS reduces administrative and operational overhead costs

 Using a learning management system enterprise training can help you train your stakeholders in an easier and more organized way. Because all your enterprise training material is in one place, and always accessible. It also reduces administrative and operational overhead costs.


An LMS can generate insightful reports that you can use in the right way to improve your specific business units or procedures. Take control and keep it.

Make External Partners Team Members In Enterprise Training

A learning management system for extended enterprises gives everyone equal opportunities to expand their knowledge and become part of the team. They have the ability to adapt to the latest company policies as if they were part of your staff. Improve relationships.

 Why is Easy LMS the solution for you?

Organize and access all your learning content in one place

You can publish your learning content (courses and texts) in a fully branded Academy . In this Academy, it is possible to separate students into different groups. Each group (those can be sectors in your company, several units or partners) can have their own learning path, and all the results can be analyzed by the group.

 Personalize your learning environment

Your brand needs to speak for itself. Use your logo, background image, font, and colors and design your learning environment to match your branding . And do it yourself directly in our platform, without spending too much money on a custom solution. Nice and easy!

 Register with SSO

Remember another password … let’s be honest, this is more difficult than jumping obstacles. Make it easier for your company’s customers and suppliers to access your content using a single sign -in (SSO). They can use the same login credentials they already use for other apps in their company to log into your company’s learning portal.

 Set up integrations with third party tools

You can integrate with your company’s CRM

 Do you have a lot of user data that you don’t want to manually add to your system? No problem, you can integrate with your company’s CRM to send and receive participant information and test results. Our input and output integrations facilitate the transfer of information to and from other tools.

 Watch and track progress by participant, by content item, or by group in real time

With Easy LMS, you have several possibilities to analyze your results . View and filter your results by email address, course or exam title and export your selection to an understandable Excel file. it is also possible to analyze the results by Academy group. Learn more from your reports on how your enterprise training materials can be improved, and use this information to celebrate and recognize the success of specific units or partners in your business.


Set up different administrators (with different access levels)

Do you have sensitive information that only a few people can access? Add multiple admins to your account, so different members of your team (and even external organizations) can responsibly share for enterprise training. It is possible to assign various roles for each administrator, so some administrators can only manage and view certain parts of the tool.

  •  Our LMS goes perfectly with your extended enterprise training!
  •  Brian, Application Consultant at Easy LMS

 Our top 5 features for extended businesses

  • SSO
  • Academy
  • Integrations
  • Report
  • Course builder

How to choose an LMS platform for my classes and online courses? 

We will show you what an LMS enterprise platform needs to have to offer the best possible experience for both users (students or employees) and those who offer the content (teachers and companies).

  It is customizable. Before choosing the LMS platform, make sure that it allows you to select the functionalities according to your needs and add specific resources, such as the visual identity of your brand so that the client associates the content with your corporation. In corporate enterprise training, it is also important to maintain the color pattern and include visual elements characteristic of the organization.  


 It has tools for your course. Each enterprise platform offers different instruments. That is why it is so important to know the options and choose the one that best meets the needs of your public and business. 

 Security.  It is important to choose an LMS enterprise that is certified, reliable, and has all the necessary resources to facilitate payment. In addition to assuring the content provider that they will charge for the service, this also ensures that the customer is receiving the product they are purchasing. 

 Supports various content formats.  A good enterprise platform supports formats such as videos, images, texts, eBooks, podcasts, infographics, etc.

  It is responsive.  That is to say, it adapts to all types of screens.

 It is simple and intuitive.  If the use of the chosen enterprise platform is complex and requires a lot of instructions, students may not feel comfortable and stop betting on that course.

 And you know what service needs so that the learning environment is complete and attractive for users,  now you must use it as a support to facilitate the learning environment of your students. Do you know how to achieve it? 


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