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Finding decent, free images for a presentation or report is a lot more complicated than it first seems. Everyone’s natural instinct when you ask them where to get pictures is ‘well, Google Images of course’. But there are inherent issues involved there. Firstly, the quality of images varies quite considerably […]

Getting high-quality images for EAP presentations

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In the previous post in this series focussing on integrating tech for the new term I looked at getting to know you activities to do with your new classes. The natural next step is to find out a little more about their study preferences and background so in this post I’d […]

Integrating tech for the new term: Needs analyses and knowledge ...

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All teachers know that the new year really starts in September, not January as the rest of the world seems to think. That’s when we make our resolutions to be better people, better colleagues and better teachers. We tell ourselves that we are going to finally get organised, read those […]

Integrating tech for the new term: getting to know students

For as long as I can remember, Microsoft Word has been the King of Word Processing. As a teacher I’ve created countless handouts, gap-fills and rubrics and marked countless student essays with it. When I did my Masters and various teaching certificates, everything was done in Word. But I don’t think anyone would say […]

EAP App Review: Scrivener

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Browzine is a free app for accessing articles from your university’s library. Available for both iOS and Android on tablet and phone, it’s an attractive way for students (and teachers) to look for and read articles. To give you a quick overview, I’ve made a short video. I think the […]

EAP App Review: Browzine

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One thing we experimented with on this summer school was creating interactive online content for students using a special software programme called Articulate Storyline 2. Over the last year we’ve begun to develop a bank of materials that could be used either to integrate directly with classroom materials, supplement as […]

Using Technology to manage a pre-sessional: part 4 – creating ...

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In a previous post I gave an overview of the various options available for creating portfolios for EAP students. I concluded that while there are many tools out there that allowed for summative assessment of students’ work – basically collecting everything into one place at the end of the course […]

Using technology to manage a pre-sessional: part 3 – managing ...

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In the previous post about managing the summer school, I talked about how we used a WordPress site to manage information flow on our pre-sessional summer school. Let’s look a little more closely how we handle the classes themselves and specifically the day to day communication between the teachers and […]

Using Technology to manage a pre-sessional: part 2 – using ...

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For most EAP teachers, presentations and PowerPoint are synonymous. Certainly for some students they are exactly the same thing. But Microsoft and Office are no longer quite the ubiquitous tools that they once were, students carry around a range of different devices and many of them may not even have Powerpoint […]

Alternatives to Powerpoint for EAP students

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A few years back a rep from a company called Sonocent came to see me to demo a software programme they had developed called Audio Notetaker. With this, you could record audio from, say, a lecture and the speech would be represented as coloured blocks with spaces in-between representing the […]

EAP Tech Tool: Audio Notetaker

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One of the best decisions I’ve made as the learning technologist at our school was to persuade my boss to buy a class set of Chromebooks a few years back. Now, before I get on to explaining why it was such a good idea, a quick word about what a […]

EAP Tech Tool: the Chromebook

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Portfolios can be used for a variety of purposes in EAP. They can be used to assess students’ knowledge, showcase exemplary work, give students a sense of progress throughout the term or year or even as a feature of a CV or application for a job or higher degree. Portfolios […]

E-portfolios in EAP

Ok, so my last day of IATEFL (not the last day of the conference by the way, but I had to get back for work reasons) and I saw a few more sessions that touched on both technology and EAP and were worth reporting back on. First up was a […]


I’ve just finished day one of IATEFL here in Birmingham and just wanted to share a few notes from a couple of the sessions I went to that are relevant for both technology and EAP. First off was Supporting postgraduate EAP students: teaching tips and technology tools by Angela Smith, […]


I’m in Birmingham for IATEFL for a few days so hope to blog a little about some of the sessions I see here with a particular focus on any connected to technology and EAP (ideally both!) Gloriously bad weather as I arrived here today, torrential rain and a nice long […]


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In my previous post, I talked about how we set up our online course in learning technologies for EAP teachers and the thought processes we went through in choosing our participants, deciding on the platform and selecting the course content. In this post I’d like to talk about the nitty […]

Diary of an online course: part 2

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A few months ago I wrote about an online course we were planning for EAP teachers in learning technologies. As the course is just about to finish, I thought it might be useful to write a short summary of the process of setting up and running the course over a […]

Diary of an online course: part 1

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As EAP teachers our main job is to help students to improve their language skills, but we also often end up giving advice on studying generally that don’t strictly relate to English. Things such as note taking or Powerpoint skills are not strictly language issues but many of us address […]

Four web tools for smarter studying

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A vague title for something quite specific. Embedding is when you take media from one website or source and put it into another website. So, when you go to a website and it has a YouTube video on the page, that’s embedding. Or when you take a posterboard from a site […]

How to embed stuff in your VLE